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The kitchen: The elixir of life

In Ogliastra there is a large number of people over a hundred years. Researchers studying the DNA of the inhabitants of this region, in particular with a regard to the feeeding. Galanias hotel offers its traditional cuisine, with recipes passed down in the family, using local produce, zero kilometers. The kitchen in Ogliastra, is the result of products that have not seen or chemical or GMO, behind the recipes handed down from generation to generation, there is the life of a people of farmers, shepherds, sailors. The "poor" ingredients are the basis of the characteristic dishes: potatoes, onions, spices, link together with cheeses and meats. The trypical first course is called “culurgionis” pasta dumplings filled with potatoes, cheese, garlic or onion,and the river mint added only in a few country ,The pecorino cheese, with the tomato sauce is excellent. Among the first course there are the soups of mint or fennel and casu e fitta (pickled cheese). It is very easy. During the excursion to organize the snack with the shepherds. They usually have "snacks" with ham, cheese and lettuce with honey, roasted cheese, bread moddixina, olives and the famous Cannonau wine grown in the millennial vineyards of Jerzu, Cardedu, Loceri, Gairo, Osini. Pork or kid meat can not miss. The “Casu axedu” (the sour cheese), similar to yogurt, it is a specialty of Ogliastra exported in the world. The main basic food in Sardinia is the meat the tratalia, for example, it’s an exquisite braid entrails of lamb or goat cooked on the grill. In seafood the city of Cagliari and the island of Ponza,influenced a lot the cuisine: soups with fish balls, “fregola” with mussels, calamary and stuffed ravioli. To garnish the dish there are some vegetables of the season which this land is rich, with typical fruit oil, which preserves in oil refined wild vegetables such as thistle, fennel, wild artichoke. Herbs have always highly valued in the kitchen, and here they have an original value.Get ready to taste the real flavors and aromas of Sardinia that take care of you with this elixir of life.

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