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Located in the main building of the Hotel, the Restaurant has an indoor room and an outdoor terrace by the pool, ideal for pleasant evenings and sweet awakenings.

Start the day with a rich international buffet breakfast! Every day, help yourserlf with a sweet and savory line for all tastes.

For lunch, take advantage of a tasty break with a light lunch and light snack menu à la carte.

To complete the day, the dinner: a real culinary journey with sea and land dishes, but also with  possibile alternative menus linked to special diets.
On request, also dedicated menus for banquets and events.

...And to taste every moment, exquisite cocktails at the Bar to enjoy by the pool.

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Our specialities

Our Cookery offers the best of Mediterranean flavors: the national dishes are flanked by the most typical Sardinian ones, with a preference for local products zero km. In the proposed courses you can find the perfect union between sea and mountain, environments that alternate and mingle in an area where it is still possible to find the most authentic Sardinia. Recipes, aromas and ancient atmospheres, handed down from generation to generation, lead to the discovery of a fascinating ancient culture. The flavors of our Land can be rediscovered every day in an accurate gastronomic journey, accompanied by the excellence of fine wines, with particular attention to the local ones, to be discovered and enjoyed pleasantly.
Among the delights of our Restaurant, the special evenings stand out: the Night Galana - with delicious Ogliastra ham, culurgiones, pistoccu and the piglet by the spit - and the Fisherman's Night - with grilled fish and tasteful goods of our sea like orziadas and bottarga.
To conclude the soirées, the delicious desserts will add a note of sweetness to your stay.

Su Porceddu
Exquisite tradition
Fresh fish
The long life elixir
EVO oil
The White Art
Ancient bread
Blaze of taste
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